How It Works

  1. Survivors or witnesses submit online allegation reports.  
    Reports help develop a database helpful in identifying sexual abusers. When a name has been identified by more than one survivor, those survivors are notified. Each survivor is free to decide whether or not to reveal their identity.
  2. Reports are confidentially reviewed and added to case files.
    These records are cross-checked to determine whether an alleged perpetrator has been reported by more than one survivor. Survivors from the same alleged perpetrator are notified and given the opportunity to take action, either individually or collectively.
  3. Submitting reports indicates agreement to be contacted confidentially.
    Survivors who submit an Abuse Report Form will be confidentially contacted by a member of Project Safe Church to provide resources for recovery and healing, notification if their perpetrator has been alleged by other survivors, and support for any action that may need to be taken.
  4. Reports are only shared with permission.
    When a survivor agrees, their report is made confidentially accessible to other survivor(s) of the same perpetrator. Abuse recovery coaches communicate directly with survivors to decide the best course of action, which may include: filing police reports, informing church leadership, and/or  individually or collectively identify the perpetrator publicly.
  5. Confidentiality is paramount. 
    If a survivor does not agree to take action after notification of other survivor(s), their report remains anonymous and their identity is not disclosed.

Submit a Report

Protecting your identity is extremely important to us.

To identify an alleged perpetrator, complete and submit this confidential form.
A member of the Project Safe Church team will contact you in response.

We must have a reliable email address.
This allows us to acknowledge receipt of your report, clarify any information, and/or to notify you that other survivors have identified your perpetrator.

  • We recognize that it is neither easy nor simple to report.
  • We affirm this step in your journey to lift your voice and be heard.
  • We know that where one survivor exists, many others may be silently suffering by the same perpetrator.
  • We applaud your courage to end the silence.

Submit your report below.

Confidential Report Form

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  • Report Details

  • Summarize your report's most essential facts in 200 words or less.
  • Provide approximate dates or a date range.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, doc.
    This may include affidavits or statements already prepared, as well as other form of evidence.
  • Submission of this report indicates your willingness to be confidentially contacted by one of our team members.

    Project Safe Church exists as a conduit for receiving reports regarding cases of abuse perpetrated by spiritual leaders in the Seventh-day Adventist faith community.

    1) When we receive allegations of abuse, we triage reports in consultation with our legal and mental health team.
    2) When a report appears to merit further consideration, we communicate with victims for permission before taking action of any kind with church authority figures over the appropriate jurisdiction or organization.
    3) If the allegation appears to involve endangerment of a minor, or immediate criminal risk, Project Safe Church is obligated to report to appropriate law enforcement for civil authorities to intervene.

    Project Safe Church DOES NOT pass judgment, exercise authority, or make decisions regarding validity of allegations. We simply receive reports, liaise with victims, and facilitate submission to those in positions of power. This operates in alignment with the North American Division Sexual Ethics Policy of Concerned Care Practitioners.

    Reporting to Project Safe Church is not a substitute for reporting criminal action to appropriate law enforcement.